Solvent And Effluent Treatment Case Studies...

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The silver lining of fuel recycle

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Through proactivity, pivoting and partnership, AFCP’s Advanced Solvent and Effluent Treatment project went for silver but struck gold. Luke O’Brien, Laboratory Fellow at National Nuclear Laboratory and Technical Lead on the project, discusses the team’s new technology for recycling used fuels more sustainably.

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Cleaning up our act: Materialising new ideas for a better planet

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As the need for nuclear energy expands to meet Net Zero, so does the need to manage stored nuclear materials. However, this also raises an opportunity to do things differently. AFCP’s Advanced Solvent and Effluent Treatment team is exploring novel decontamination materials that are both sustainably sourced and industry optimised. Antony Nearchou, Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, discusses how sharing strengths has enabled this impactful innovation.

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Accelerating technology scale-up to address emerging energy needs

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Through AFCP, SME C-Tech Innovation has partnered with the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to develop advanced decontamination methods for existing infrastructure. C-Tech Innovation Technical Director Rob Bell illustrates how in supporting supply chain innovation, this work is ensuring that UK technology remains at the cutting edge of safety and design considerations.

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