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Accelerating technology scale-up to address emerging energy needs

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Through AFCP, SME C-Tech Innovation has partnered with the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to develop advanced decontamination methods for existing infrastructure. C-Tech Innovation Technical Director Rob Bell illustrates how in supporting supply chain innovation, this work is ensuring that UK technology remains at the cutting edge of safety and design considerations.

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Supporting innovative nuclear newcomers

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AFCP is connecting clean energy innovators across the UK to unlock new opportunities. SME Lucideon is translating its novel flash sintering technology to the nuclear sector. Business Manager Tim Abbott explores how Lucideon’s innovation is expanding fuel manufacture capability in the UK.

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Reviving sustainable solutions for long-term success

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Net Zero is mobilising businesses to centre sustainability at the forefront of advanced fuel concepts. Sebastian Lawson, Research Manager at SME GeoRoc Ltd, explains how the company is developing innovative treatment solutions to ensure the future fuel cycle remains environmentally conscious.

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Securing SME space in future markets

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Through close collaboration with NNL and Westinghouse, SME Teer Coatings Ltd is developing novel coating machinery to support future fuel concepts. Wayne Southall, Sales Director at Teer Coatings, explains how AFCP is enabling his organisation to overcome design challenges and pioneer new UK capability and reach new and future markets.

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