ATLANTIC meeting: A voyage of discovery

Last week, AFCP members presented at the EPSRC ATLANTIC consortium’s annual meeting. Closely aligned with AFCP, the academic consortium works across the UK and specialises in the whole nuclear fuel cycle.

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Photos of AFCP’s coated particle fuel team at the University of Bristol clockwise from top left: Dr Alex Leide, Paul Forna Kreutzer, Dr Lilly Liu, Guanjie Yuan

Transatlantic TRISO fuels: Collaboration in the COVID-19 era

Following an unconventional remote experiment, Alex Leide from the University of Bristol reflects on the value of international partnership and flexible thinking.

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UKCDR and AFCP logos

UKCDR recognises AFCP in COP26 research showcase

In UKCDR’s UK-funded research project publication, AFCP joins examples of bold scientific endeavours that are delivering impact in the context of COP26 priorities.

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AFCP unites for third virtual event

This week, AFCP came together for one last time in 2020 to celebrate technical achievements and look ahead to fuelling a Net Zero future.

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AFCP Innovation has launched a Game Changers challenge

AFCP launches Game Changers challenge

The AFCP Innovation Team is reaching out to you, as the AFCP community, to seek challenges that exist within the programme for which a solution is not currently available.

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Photo showing laptop monitor with AFCP Pyro-processing Symposium introductory slide

AFCP pyro university engagement heats up

Our virtual pyro-processing symposium explored hot topics in sustainable spent fuel processing.

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Image showing AFCP and CINCH logos

CINCH educational outreach challenge winners

After an amazing response to AFCP’s educational outreach challenge, two winners will have their ideas created and brought to high schools across the UK.

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Computer generated image of a computer monitor. The AFCP Co-Creation Community website is shown on the screen.

The AFCP Co-Creation Community is here!

Innovation is at the heart of the AFCP. To enable our extensive supply chain network to connect and collaborate, we are excited to announce the launch of our dedicated, interactive innovation platform: The Co-Creation Community.

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Photograph of a computer monitor showing the AFCP Quarterly Technical Meeting on screen, with a small white dog watching in the foreground.

AFCP goes virtual: Second technical meeting success

This week hosted AFCP’s second virtual Quarterly Technical Meeting, marking major collaboration across the programme’s members and key stakeholders.

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A photograph showing David Hall, UK Permanent Representative to the IAEA, (left) and Mikhail Chudakov, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy, at the signing ceremony to formalise the new Collaborating Centre

AFCP empowers NNL designation as the UK’s first IAEA Collaborating Centre

The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) has been designated as a Collaborating Centre by the IAEA. AFCP was instrumental in this monumental announcement.

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