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Fuelling Net Zero

Through nuclear fuel cycle innovation, AFCP is pioneering sustainable new horizons to secure the UK’s clean energy future

About Us

Collaboration toward a low-carbon landscape

Working together, AFCP’s nuclear sector network forms the foundation upon which advanced fuels and recycling concepts can fully evolve

Innovation with impact

Through unparalleled leverage and a uniquely collaborative model, our value extends beyond achieving Net Zero. AFCP is assembling the toolkit of skills, capability and opportunity required to holistically support Britain’s clean energy ecosystem.

Our Impact

A team approach

AFCP is funded by UK Government, led in partnership with the UK National Nuclear Laboratory and delivered by a fleet of over 100 organisations across the globe – including over 90 in the UK alone. Collaborating with leading industrial, academic and research institutions, AFCP uniquely unites expertise, facilities and knowledge to reach new fuel cycle frontiers.

Our partners






Fuel cycle themes

AFCP is redefining the potential of nuclear science for a sustainable future. Our world-class teams and technology are delivering innovation that interconnects and progresses advanced fuels and recycling.

Fuel cycle themes

AFCP at a glance

Part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s £505m Energy Innovation Programme – which includes the biggest nuclear fission investment in a generation – AFCP elevates the UK’s clean energy innovation to new heights.

Success stories

AFCP is more than an innovation programme. We are accelerating the UK’s achievement of its ambitious Net Zero targets whilst investing in the skills, structures and relationships needed to sustain global low-carbon momentum.

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Teer Coatings logo

Securing SME space in future markets

Through close collaboration with NNL and Westinghouse, SME Teer Coatings Ltd is developing novel coating machinery to support future fuel
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Informing UK development through trusted expertise

At Jacobs, AFCP is securing employee development while safeguarding the deployment of future reactors. Aidan Cole-Baker, Managing Consultant for Materials
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Offering opportunity for the future fuel cycle workforce

AFCP is positioning partners across the UK to influence national nuclear ambition. David Hughes, Head of Advisory at DBD, summarises
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Reviving sustainable solutions for long-term success

Net Zero is mobilising businesses to centre sustainability at the forefront of advanced fuel concepts. Sebastian Lawson, Research Manager at
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Supporting innovative nuclear newcomers

AFCP is connecting clean energy innovators across the UK to unlock new opportunities. SME Lucideon is translating its novel flash
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Accelerating technology scale-up to address emerging energy needs

Through AFCP, SME C-Tech Innovation has partnered with the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to develop advanced decontamination methods for existing
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Collaboration is at the root of success

AFCP is connecting expertise across the nation. Paul Bingham, Professor of Glasses and Ceramics at Sheffield Hallam University, summarises how
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Scene from AFCP's pyro-processing animation showing a nuclear power plant in front of a sunny blue sky.

Cinnamon to salts: Spicing up science education

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Envisioning a sustainable future together

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