Net Zero Case Studies

Collaboration is at the root of success

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AFCP is connecting expertise across the nation. Paul Bingham, Professor of Glasses and Ceramics at Sheffield Hallam University, summarises how collaboration with NNL and the University of Sheffield is enabling the university to grow their current capabilities.

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Reviving sustainable solutions for long-term success

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Net Zero is mobilising businesses to centre sustainability at the forefront of advanced fuel concepts. Sebastian Lawson, Research Manager at SME GeoRoc Ltd, explains how the company is developing innovative treatment solutions to ensure the future fuel cycle remains environmentally conscious.

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Offering opportunity for the future fuel cycle workforce

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AFCP is positioning partners across the UK to influence national nuclear ambition. David Hughes, Head of Advisory at DBD, summarises the impact AFCP collaboration is having on future-proofing his company’s talent pool and work opportunity.

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